Sub20 challenge - 12 months to go

The Sub20 Challenge – 12 Months To Go

Two years ago, in my athletic ‘retirement’, my mate asked how fast could be possible in Ultraman Triathlon (3 day triathlon made up as Day 1: 10km swim + 145km Bike, Day 2: 280km Bike, Day 3 – 84km Run)? I wanted to know the answer, and I wanted to be the athlete with the absolute best support team possible to find out.

It is not lost of me that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly see the limit of my own self.  There will be no better chance to do this.  And while it has for so long been “the race is in 2 years time, 18 months time, May the year after next, etc” we are now exactly B. There is no hiding anymore, it is go-time – where every day counts more than the day before that.

We are 12 months out from the Kanguru Sub20 Ultraman Challenge.

In my previous attempts at this distance my ‘why’ has been about finding my true potential. But this journey is more than that. I believe that with the right team, the right approach, and a great deal of determination – even the most outrageous goals are possible in this world. So we wanted to go after a goal so remote to not only try to achieve it but hopefully inspire others to set big goals for themselves in their own lives and go after them.

Our best time is the current world record – 21:21:14. We want to take 82mins off this and be the first to break the elusive 20-hour barrier for Ultraman Triathlon in May 2022.

There are so many moving parts to the next 12 months. Obviously, a lot of swimming, riding, and running but on top of that, we have body maintenance (massage, physio, pilates etc), strength and conditioning, our approach to nutrition and hydration both in and outside of training/racing, the mental conditioning, race day strategy, the endless recon of the course, equipment choices, lead up races, velodrome testing to get as aerodynamic as possible, all while juggling a family of 3 young boys and working as a coach at T:Zero Multisport. There is a lot on the plate, but I feel everyone is in the same boat when it comes to wanting to achieve big goals – there will always be balls in the air that is for sure.

I think this makes the message even more relevant.

So, with a can of Kanguru on my desk as I type, there are now just less than 365 days to go before we attempt the Sub 20 Challenge at Ultraman Australia 2022.  I am equal parts excited and nervous, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I know that with every day passing, I am one step closer to this goal and we are doing everything possible to make it happen.

Thank you so much for taking an interest and coming along with the journey!