meet the sub 20 team

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Richard Thompson's team
Steve Wehlow



Steve is a husband and father to a young daughter and son. Like his team mates, he enjoys spending time with his family and actually has a family connection – being cousins with Richard’s wife Lisa. A typical accountant with a knack for number crunching, Steve is in charge of all things nutrition and hydration and is responsible for documenting every gram of carbohydrate that Richard consumes. From race commencement to completion, Steve decides how much Richard eats and when. His role calls for extreme precision – 30% too much and Richard is vomiting; 30% too little, and Richard is fainting. Often the butt of jokes within the team (all in jest), Steve’s ability to keep a cool, level head during stressful situations and execute his role with precision when the stakes are high makes him a valuable team member. Asked what he thought the team could achieve in 2022, Steve replied with “unlimited potential”

Nick Quinn



Nick is a husband and father of a beautiful boy and girl. An engineer by trade, he’s a corporate executive in Brisbane who loves staying fit and playing golf in his spare time. Nick uses his understanding of triathlon and his engineering background to be the chief strategist for the team. He makes the critical decisions during the race about the strategy and monitoring of Richard’s effort. How hard Richard should be riding, whether to back it off or go “full gas” – all to ensure the objective is achieved. He keeps one eye on the competition and the clock and one eye on Richard. Communication between Richard and Nick is integral. When asked what he wanted the team to achieve at Ultraman Australia 2022, Nick said “an outcome that is consistent with the very best of each individual or a team that achieves significantly more than the sum of the best of each individual.” With a limitless mindset this time round, Nick will be pushed like he has never been to help extract the most out of Richard on race day.

Nick Rinaudo



With the right mix of road rage and separation anxiety, Nick Rinaudo is the team’s driver. A family man, Nick lives in Brisbane with his wife and their two daughters. Nick’s job in agribusiness requires a significant amount of travel, so his weekends are always at home spending quality time with his family and riding his bike. Nick is a critical member of this team, keen to help at any opportunity. While driving a car behind Richard for hours on end is not his passion in life, he is drawn to the role by his desire to be part of something incredible. When asked why he has committed to be part of this team, he simply replied “to be part of a team that achieves what no one on this planet has even dreamed of being possible before”.