Richard Thompson – family man, coach, speaker and ultraman Triathlon world record holder

I am my biggest rival – continually searching for my true potential, in my sport and in my life.

Described as “one of the greatest ultra-endurance athletes of all time”, Richard Thompson is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of what the human body and mind can achieve. Richard is married to Lisa, an emergency nurse and ultra trail marathon running enthusiast and together they have three boys under the age of seven. In 2016 , Richard walked away from a lucrative career as a lawyer to pursue his passion as a full-time endurance coach. Soon thereafter, Richard started his company T:Zero Multisport to focus on inspiring other athletes to achieve greatness. In just a few years, T:Zero Multisport has grown to become of the largest, most well-respected and successful endurance coaching companies in Australia.

Growing up Richard was not particularly athletic; rather preferring to participate in sports that involved the least amount of running. He raced his first triathlon at 17, coming in last place at the local event. Six years later, at 23, Richard became Hawaii Ironman World Champion in the 18-24 age group. He then turned his focus to the corporate world. After a number of years away from the sport, Richard decided to return to triathlon in search of an elusive goal – to find his potential and understand his own personal limits.

He found Ultraman, and with the support of his equally-impressive team, Richard has become an unstoppable force at this distance. At the outset of his endeavour, Richard and his team set two massive goals. First was to become the world record holder on debut, and second was to win in Hawaii on debut at the world championships. Richard and his team achieved both goals seamlessly.

Despite his success to date, Richard is still searching – to find what the limit is for him and his team. A sub-20 hour Ultraman is an exceptional goal to attempt. Richard will be stripping everything back, reverse engineering the goal and making countless critical decisions about training, equipment, his team and the journey to try to go as fast as possible in May 2022.