The Road to Sub 20

The Road To Sub 20

I crossed the line at the 2018 Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii exhausted.

I was done.

My team set out to become World Champions and we did just that. I publicly stated that after 17 years in the sport of triathlon I was finished.

Ultraman is the pinnacle of ultra endurance. It is the toughest three-day stage race in the world, and with race organisers not providing athletes with any aid throughout the race, it requires an athlete’s support team to be there in every capacity to enable them to succeed.

Prior to Hawaii we had done this type of race once before in Australia. At Ultraman Australia 2017 on debut we broke the long-standing world record.

I am not athletically gifted. It takes me a lot of hard work to get into any real shape. I firmly believe it is because of my team that my ability is elevated to its highest level.

I have always believed that limitations are self-imposed. You can’t do something because you believe you can’t. I am passionate about inspiring and educating people to see outside these self imposed limitations. We can achieve whatever we want and, with a committed team around us, our potential is boundless.

In June 2019 I asked my wife Lisa: if we were to go back to Ultraman Australia, what finishing time would be so outrageous that achieving it would show the world that we are truly limitless in our potential?

My world record breaking time sits at 21 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds. We knew what the goal would be: to be the first person to break 20 hours, thereby taking 82 minutes off our fastest time. That day was the genesis of the ‘Sub 20 Challenge’ whereby we decided to strip everything back – all equipment, all training, to get the very best team together in all aspects of the sport – so that every single decision made and every single partner on board would be contributing to help me go as fast as I can possibly go.

In May 2022, at Ultraman Australia, I want to set a time that reflects a once-in-a-generation display of ultra endurance, all while juggling my family, my work and my life.

I am truly grateful to have the support of Kanguru who has come on board as the principle partner of this journey. Not only have I been drinking Kanguru for well before now, it is a product I will be using on a daily basis to help me achieve this goal.

I am looking forward to showcasing this journey – of this incredible team working towards one goal, and to show the world that we are all limitless in our potential.

I hope those who follow this journey are not limited to triathletes or ultra endurance athletes. It is a journey of human endeavour, teamwork and sacrifice that will I hope will inspire everyone in any walk of life to realise they too, are truly limitless.

Let’s go!